Never favorited a tweet of mine

Traduzido por Kenia Cris (http://poesiatorta.blogspot.com/)

I would imitate a dromedary just to make you laugh. I would do anything to make you smile, even when you couldn’t, even when you didn’t want to. Making you happy was my lifetime goal, but I guess it was not enough for you, was it? Coldness is essential when it happens, one must think about the smallest details. One will be faced with consequences someday. It may not be today or tomorrow, but there will come a day and I won’t be able to say I was clueless. I climbed the closet and got the old cigar box. A silver and mother of pearl treasure have been kept inside it. The enraged 38 gauge revolver treasure. Two shots, as soon as you looked my way, were enough to throw you against the wall. The blood spot reminded me of an inkblot in Rorschach test, where I could see the image of a love story that ended because you never favorited a tweet of mine.

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